Easily perfect, organize, and share your photographs with Adobe Lightroom4

Is Lightroom 4 for someone like me?

Maybe you are a budding photographer who has a real passion for capturing fantastic images or maybe you get to live out your passion for photography in your work. Whether you are a budding amateur or professional photographer Adobe Lightroom 4 is going to revolutionize your images from now on.

No matter what your experience is or however prepared you are to take the perfect shot your images won’t always turn out just the way you had hoped. Maybe a scene or an object has not quite been captured as you wanted or maybe it is just one item in the scene that does not quite sit right with the rest of the image. This is why Adobe Lightroom 4 has been created for you.


How do I get the perfect lighting on a shot?

Good lighting is the key to all images, if the lighting is not right in a shot then it will certainly result in a poor image. There are a number of techniques to help with lighting a shot and there are a vast array of really good books available to give you help and tips on lighting here.

It’s extremely common however for the lighting to be not quite right when taking a photo especially outdoors. It can just be the wrong time of day or even the wrong time of year to enable that particular image to be captured at its best. However you may need that image right now for a project or are in a special location for a limited time or maybe there is an event happening right now so you have no choice but to take the shot the best you can.

So whether you have not quite got the experience to get the lighting right or that it is an outside shot and the lighting is out of your control you can rest assured that with Lightroom 4 you can make any adjustment you need and ensure you have the most perfect image.


Almost have a great image?

Sometimes you can take an amazing shot that you are really happy with but there is just one part of the image that is letting the whole photo down. Thankfully with Lightroom 4 you don’t have to spend hours trying to rectify it whilst pulling your hair out in dismay. You can easily correct certain parts of the image with a great flexible brush tool to target any area of your photo so you truly have the perfect shot.


Want to adjust your image in Photoshop too?

If you want to precisely adjust the pixels on your image you can automatically open it seamlessly with Photoshop and make any fine pixel adjustments needed and then view the finished work back in Lightroom straight away.

Adobe are currently offering a saving of $50 when you purchase Lightroom 4 with Photoshop CS6, Photoshop CS6 Extended or with Creative Suite 6 edition, see Here for details.


Scared to make the changes?

Are you afraid to make any alterations to your photo incase you make the image worse? Well don’t be, this is the time to let your creative juices flow and ensure you have the best image possible. You can do this feeling safe in the knowledge that if it does not turn out quite like you hoped that is ok as Lightroom4 will always save the original image for you no matter how many alterations you make.


Can’t find the perfect image?

You know that you have the perfect image for something but just cannot find it.

If you love taking photos all the time, the biggest problem you can face is actually trying to find a specific photo days, weeks or months later.

This is where Lightroom 4 makes your life so much easier by providing you with an awesome organizing system. Once you have taken your photo or set of photos you can then rate them, which ones you like the best and also label them with dates, events, genre etc. You can even group photos by the location in which you took them. The software can do this automatically for you by reading your GPS location from your camera or camera phone.


Want to share your images?

Maybe as a budding photographer you have taken some amazing photos at a wedding or other social event and would love to share them with your family and friends on Facebook. You can easily do this directly from Lightroom 4.

Or maybe you are a more experienced photographer and have taken some great images and would love some feedback. You can easily post your images onto Flickr with Lightroom and you can also view any online feedback you get on your shots.

If you want to just email an image to a friend or college you can easily do this directly from Light room 4.

Why not go one step further and get all your best images in print and give them away as a awesome unique gift or send to companies as a portfolio of your work. Lightroom 4 enables you to create totally awesome photo books with your images. There are automatic layouts to use or you can customize your own to create a truly unique photobook. You can choose the size of your book and the cover and add any text you want. Then it simply takes a few clicks to upload your book for printing. Adobe Lightroom 4 customers can even save 20% off your first book with their recommended book retailer.

Share your great shots today!

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